Quickly launch SiteVibes using Shopify App Embeds and the SiteVibes Shopify App! Below you will find step by step instructions for ensuring App Embeds are turned on.

1. Open your Shopify Theme Customizer

Sign in to your Shopify store and navigate to Online Store -> Themes -> Customize. This will open up your Shopify Theme Customizer.

2. Enable SiteVibes App Embed in Theme Customizer

Once in the customizer, on the left side click the App Embed icon. In the App Embed, you will see all available Shopify Apps built for Online Store 2.0. Find the SiteVibes App and make sure Main Scripts is toggled to the on position.

3. SiteVibes is up and running!

The main SiteVibes features are now capable of showing on your Shopify store. Here are additional features that can be set up now that the App Embeds are turned on:

  1. Adding Product Reviews and Q&A 
  2. Create a Loyalty & Referral Program 
  3. Create a Trending Wall  
  4. Create Shoppable Social Galleries 

If you have any issues, please submit a support ticket for our team to help you.