Easily collect reviews with SiteVibes for Shopify. To set up SiteVibes Reviews on your Shopify site simply follow the steps below. To learn about enabling and configuring Review features please visit this article.

1. Open your Shopify Theme Customizer

Sign in to your Shopify store and navigate to Online Store -> Themes -> Customize. This will open up your Shopify Theme Customizer.

2. Navigate to your Product Template

Once the Theme Customizer is open, and your app embeds are enabled, navigate to your main Product Page template from the Customizer. Click the dropdown that says Homepage and select Product and whatever you default template is titled.

3. Add SiteVibes Review Blocks to Product Page

Once in your main product template, you will be able to Add blocks to sections of your product detail page. SiteVibes has many blocks related to Reviews that will automatically load your Review configuration from SiteVibes. Select the section you wish to add a block too and click the "Add block" button to see available SiteVibes Blocks.

4. Adding Overall Review Rating at top of page

To add the overall product rating at the top of your product page, typically near the title, add the SiteVibes Review Stars block to your product information. Drag and drop the block to your desired placement. 

5. Adding Main Review Widget to Product Page

To add the main review widget to your product page add a section for apps if you don't already have one by clicking the Add Section button. Once the app section is added, click "Add block" and select SiteVibes Reviews. This will be your main widget where shoppers can write reviews and read reviews. If Questions are inserted to Reviews, it will show in this widget. 

6. Adding separate Questions Widget to Product Page

If you wish to have a separate section dedicated to Questions and Answers, follow the steps from step 5 above but select the Product Questions App block.

7. Save and publish all changes

Save and publish all changes made to your template and you are now up and running with Reviews on your site!

If you have any issues, please submit a support ticket for our team to help you.