SiteVibes makes it easy to automatically collect reviews as well as send automatic review requests. To set up SiteVibes Reviews on your BigCommerce site simply follow the steps below. To learn about enabling and configuring Review features please visit this article.

1. Disable Default Reviews on BigCommerce

Sign in to your BigCommerce store and navigate to Advanced Settings -> Comments. From here you will want to click on Built-In and disable (uncheck) "Product Reviews". Click Save.

2. Disable Default Review Request Emails on BigCommerce

Next, navigate to Store Setup -> Store Settings -> Miscellaneous and uncheck the Product Review Emails. Click save.

3. Enable SiteVibes Reviews

Make sure you installed the SiteVibes app for BigCommerce. If you have not, here are the steps to install the SiteVibes app.

Once the app is installed and you are in the app, navigate to Reviews -> Widgets -> Product Reviews. Here is where you will enable the Product Reviews widget and copy your unique Div ID.

4. Edit your Stencil Products Theme File to include the SiteVibes Reviews

Open your theme editor in BigCommerce and navigate to Templates -> Components -> Products -> product-view.html. You can also navigate to Templates -> Pages -> product.html. (Below screenshot shows product-view.html). Here you will place the SiteVibes div ID copied for reviews wherever you want reviews displayed. Click save and apply file.

5. Save all settings and test 

Once you've updated and saved all your settings, you can navigate to a product page to see Reviews in action.

If you have any issues, please submit a support ticket for our team to help you.