Building customer retention is important so SiteVibes simplified creating a robust Loyalty & Referral program for your BigCommerce store! Here are steps to set up your loyalty and referral program on BigCommerce. 

1. Make sure your Loyalty & Referral Program is enabled

Open your SiteVibes dashboard and navigate to Loyalty -> Programs -> Settings. Here you will see settings for Loyalty, a tab for Referrals and a tab for General settings to customize the name of your Loyalty Program. Enable your Loyalty Program and Referral Program (if you want referral).

2. Create Member Tiers

Once you have enabled your Loyalty Program, navigate to Programs -> Members Tiers, and create your Tiers. You can create multiple Tiers, like a VIP Tier, that customers can achieve by shopping more with your Brand!

3. Set up and enable ways customers will earn points, and how many points each way to earn is worth

Now that you have tiers, set up how customers will earn points. It can be for signing up for the site, leaving a product review, following your social media channels or more. Enable each way that a shopper can earn points and set the number of points they will earn for each successful action. For example, for every $1 they spend, they will get 10 points. 

**Note: Each member tier can have different ways of earning points and a different amount of points earned for each way set up. So you will want to configure it for each tier you create. 

4. Create a Reward

Reward your customers with the points that they are earning. SiteVibes has many reward options from fixed discounts, percentages off to a dynamic points exchange. This will walk through setting up a Points Exchange reward which is the most common. Points exchange will be a dynamic coupon created based on points in a users account.

To create the Reward navigate to Loyalty -> Rewards. Click "Add New Reward". In the pop-up from the dropdown select the Points Exchange reward type. It will give you configuration options to set up your points exchange reward. Make sure you set how many points = your $1 discount.

5. Add Loyalty Dashboard to Customer Account

Let customers know how many points they have and make it easy to redeem Rewards with our My Account On-site module. Navigate to Loyalty -> On-site Modules -> Rewards My Account and enable the Rewards page. Click the "Trigger" tag to grab your div.

<!-- START SiteVibes Loyalty Rewards Page Tag -->
<div id="sitevibes-loyalty-account"></div>
<!-- END SiteVibes Loyalty Rewards Page Tag -->

6. Add a Loyalty Landing Page!

Tell shoppers about your new Loyalty/Reward program with a dedicated landing page. In Loyalty -> On-site Modules select the "Ways to Earn Module". Enable the module and configure it. The Ways to Earn will pull from your Default Tier.

Once it's enabled and set up, copy the div from the Trigger tab. 

<!-- START SiteVibes Loyalty Ways To Earn Module Tag -->
<div id="sitevibes-ways-earn"></div>
<!-- END SiteVibes Loyalty Ways To Earn Module Tag -->

Create a page for your BigCommerce online store for Rewards. Click the Show Editor for the page and paste the Ways To Earn Module div to the editor and click save.

7. Launch your program!

You are now set to go live with your new Loyalty Reward program and can start rewarding your shoppers with points.

If you have any issues, please submit a support ticket for our team to help you.