This installation process for SiteVibes is quick and easy.  It should take no more than 5-10 minutes if done correctly.

1. Copy Your SiteVibes Pixel Script

  1. Login to your SiteVibes account
  2. Click the "Install SiteVibes" link in your navigation
  3. Copy your unique SiteVibes Script.

2. Paste your SiteVibes Script to your Website or Theme Global Header </head>

  1. Navigate to your website files or wherever your global header is stored (You can also do this through a Tag Manager)
  2. Paste the SiteVibes Script just before the closing head tag </head>
  3. Update/Save file
  4. Clear website cache if available
  5. Create a Nudge with the domain that has the script installed
  6. Navigate back to the "Install SiteVibes" tab and refresh to check domain availability

3. Add Product Data Script and Order Tracking Script

  1. Navigate back to "Install SiteVibes" and scroll down to Step 7
  2. Add product collection script.  We have provided a template in the dashboard, which is:

    <!-- SITEVIBES PRODUCT start -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var SiteVibesProduct = {
        product_id: '10001',
        name: "Product name",
        description: "Product description",
        url: '',
        image_url: '',
        category_name: 'Category name',
        brand_name: 'Brand name',
        quantity: 10,
        price: 100,
        price_sale: 79.99,
    <!-- SITEVIBES PRODUCT end -->

  3. Add order collection script. We have provided a template in the dashboard, which is:

    <!-- SITEVIBES CHECKOUT start -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var SiteVibesOrderData = {
            orderId: '123456',
            orderItems: [
                    product_id: '10001',
                    name: 'Lorem',
                    url: '',
                    image_url: '',
                    quantity: 2,
                    unit_price: 1.99
                }, {
                    product_id: '10002',
                    name: 'Ipsum (Variant X)',
                    url: '',
                    image_url: '',
                    quantity: 3,
                    unit_price: 2.99
    <!-- SITEVIBES CHECKOUT end -->

4. Create a Trending Wall

5. Create Your Nudges and Notifications

Once you've confirmed your script is installed, you can go back to your campaigns and start creating notifications.

If you have any issues, please submit a support ticket for our team to help you.