To have SiteVibes Trending Wall display on your website you need to complete the SiteVibes Installation, found here.  You will also need to create a Trending Page (i.e. /trending/) and insert the SiteVibes div tag.  This div tag will display trends on your website.

1. Sign in to SiteVibes

Sign in to your SiteVibes account. 

2. Copy Div Tag

In your dashboard click "Install SiteVibes" 

Copy the SiteVibes div tag and place it in the new Trending page you created.

<!-- SITEVIBES start -->
<div class="grid-container" id="sv-container"></div>
<!-- SITEVIBES end -->

*Note: the id="sv-container" can use your own page id.  You must change it though in "Trending Wall" -> "Settings" in the Product Page Selector to your id.

3. Customize your Trending Wall

In your dashboard click "Trending Wall" -> "Settings".  This will give you options to customer font size, colors, icons, and more.  If you are using your own id instead of sv-container, please change Product Page Selector to match your div id starting with a #.

4. Add a Navigation link on your site 

Make sure you create a link to drive traffic to your new trending wall.

If you have any issues, please submit a support ticket for our team to help you.