SiteVibes makes it easy to automatically collect reviews as well as send automatic review requests on your e-commerce website. To set up SiteVibes Reviews and Automatic Review Requests on your e-commerce site simply follow the steps below.

1. Sign in to SiteVibes

Sign in to your SiteVibes account. 

2. Enable Product Reviews and put Div ID on your Product Pages

In your dashboard Navigate to Reviews -> Widgets -> Product Reviews. Here is where you will enable the Product Reviews widget and copy your unique Div ID.

After your Div ID has been copied, place it on your global product detail page template where you want SiteVibes Reviews to display.

In Product Reviews, you can set up moderation rules, customize the container, the Review Feedback styling, and more.

3. Setup & Customize Review Fields

In your dashboard Navigate to Reviews -> Widgets -> Write a Review. Here is where you will be able to customize the review form, add additional review fields, and more.

4. Add Question & Answers Section (Optional)

If you would like to have a section for shoppers to ask questions you can include it as part of the Product Reviews, or have a separate section for it. To have a separate section Navigate to Reviews -> Widgets -> Write a Question. Here is where you will be able to enable and customize styling your separate Question & Answer section.

5. Automatic Review Requests

Automatically collect more reviews with Automatic Review Request emails. To set up Automatic Review Request Emails navigate to Reviews -> Email -> Automatic Requests. Here you can set up your first review request email and configuration. The tab at the top allows you to set up review request reminder emails and customize the Reviews page that a customer is sent to.

6. Customize Reviews Page for Automatic Review Request Emails

To send customers to a Reviews Page that is on your website, for example,, click the Review Page tab at the top of the Review Request section. Enable "Use custom page for review request" and put in the URL of the custom page. Click update. Copy the provided Div ID and place it on your custom review page.

If you have any issues, please submit a support ticket for our team to help you.