To have SiteVibes Trending Social (social galleries and shoppable Instagram) display on your website you need to complete the SiteVibes Installation, found here.  Once the installation is complete, you are ready to start using Trending Products.

1. Sign in to SiteVibes

Sign in to your SiteVibes account. 

2. Connect your Instagram Account

In your dashboard click "Social " -> then click "Settings" 

In your Settings, click "Connect with Facebook/Instagram Account".  provide appropriate Facebook login information and grant SiteVibes permission.


3. Customize & Fetch User-generated content 

In your dashboard click "Trending Social" -> "Setting".  This will give you options to determine which hashtags you want to pull media for, capture media when you were mentioned and more!  You can also customize, text, colors, font size, and more as well.

4. Request Image Permission and merchandise an image 

Once SiteVibes starts collecting images from Instagram, you will be able to automatically request permission to use an image directly in the Social Stream.  Once permission has been granted, you can merchandise the image with the products you sell and connect them directly to the image.  This image will be displayed on your site where you see fit.  You can choose to display the image on the Trending Wall a dedicated Social Gallery page, or directly on the product detail page of the items merchandised in the image.

5. Creating a Social Gallery 

To add Social Galleries to pages, i.e. dedicated page or Product Detail Page, navigate to Social -> Galleries and click "Create New Gallery".  Follow the steps for creating a normal gallery or a Product Detail Page Gallery.

6. Display a Social Gallery 

To display your Social Galleries on pages, i.e. dedicated page or Product Detail Page, navigate to Social -> Galleries and click on the gallery you created and want to display.  Navigate to the "Triggers" section of the gallery and copy the generated div tag.  Paste that div tag on the page(s) you'd like to display the gallery.

7. Save all settings and test 

Once you've updated and saved all your settings, you can navigate to your trending wall or social gallery to look for user-generated content.

If you have any issues, please submit a support ticket for our team to help you.