To have SiteVibes Social Proof display on your website you need to complete the SiteVibes Installation, found here.  Once the installation is complete, you are ready to start using Social Proof.

1. Sign in to SiteVibes

Sign in to your SiteVibes account. 

2. Enable Social Proof Page Selectors

In your dashboard Navigate to "Trends" -> "Social Proof" and set page selectors and selectors for where you want Social Proof to display.  This can be set for your Product Detail Page (PDP), Category Pages, and Cart Page. 

When Social Proof Selectors are set and Social Proof is enabled, SiteVibes will insert SiteVibes Div Tags before or after the Page Selector element you set up in the Trigger.  Below are the Div classes that will be added to your product pages, category pages, or cart page.

<div class="sv_product_banner_content">
<div class="sv_product_banner_text">

*Note: to add custom styling to SiteVibes div classes (.i.e sv_product_banner), add CSS for:

.sv-widget.sv_product_banner > .sv_product_banner_content

3. Customize your Social Proof Messages

In your dashboard click "Trends" -> "Social Proof" -> "Messages".  This will show you all available Social Proof Message types.  Customize, text, icons, messaging, and more.  If you want to change the minimum threshold for views, add to carts, or orders, visit the individual social proof page i.e. PDP and set their minimums.

4. Save all settings and test 

Once you've updated and saved all your settings, you can navigate to a product detail page, or category page to see social proof messaging display.  *Note, sometimes it may take 48 hours for SiteVibes to collect enough data in order to start displaying messaging.

If you have any issues, please submit a support ticket for our team to help you.