SiteVibes makes it easy to automatically collect reviews as well as product questions. This article will walk you through moderating reviews that you collect.

Publishing Product Reviews

Sign in to your SiteVibes account and navigate to Reviews -> Manage Content -> Product Reviews. Here you will see all of your sites Product Reviews. Product Reviews that are not published currently will show the status as "Pending" in the status column. 

  • To publish a pending review simply click the green checkmark

  • To view additional details about the review click the purple eye to view details

Tagging Product Reviews

Easily categorize and organize all your product reviews with tagging. Account owners and users with full access can create tags by navigating to Reviews -> Manage Content -> Tags. You can add as many tags as you'd like, for example "Marketing" so that you can follow up and use that review content in upcoming marketing campaigns.

Once tags have been added, any user can start tagging reviews.

To add tags to a review:

  1. In the review row click Add tags.
  2. Search your existing tags or create a new tag by typing it into the field (account owners & full access users only).
  3. Click the tag to assign it to the review. You can add as many tags to the review that you would like.
  4. Click Update to finish. Tags you assigned to the review will appear in the Tags column. 

Rejecting Product Reviews

We get it, sometimes there are just reviews that shouldn't be published. That is why we've made it so that you can reject a review that may have been published by mistake. Reasons for rejecting a review vary within SiteVibes, but have to be submitted part of the rection.

Rejection reasons:

  • Fraud - A review is fraudulent or deemed fake with proof obtained.
  • Spam - A user or IP is consistently posting reviews, positive or negative, that are not legit.
  • Legal - A review contains information that cannot legally be published, for example, proprietary information about a Brand. 
  • Profanity - A review contains profanities, sexually explicit content or other vulgarities.
  • Irrelevant - A review is not relevant to the product or item, for example somebody leaves a review stating they have not yet received their product.
  • Foreign Language - A review is written in a different language than the language your store is meant to be viewed in.
  • Personal Information - A review contains personal information like a phone number, address, etc. 
  • Other - a review is rejected for a reason other than what is listed above. More details are required to be submitted.

*Note: SiteVibes AI moderation picks up on a majority of the items listed above. However, not all AI perfect which is why humans can still reject reviews if needed. 

To Reject a Review:

  1. For the relevant review, click the Red "X" to Reject
  2. Select a reason for rejecting review

Commenting on Product Reviews

Reply to reviews publicly to thank a customer for their review or privately to work on resolving a possible issue. 

To reply to a review, click the blue comment box next to the review. Type your reply and select if it should be Public or Private. Public reviews will appear on the website nested under the product review itself. 

You can reply one time per review.

Adding Images and Videos to Product Reviews

Reviews may have images or videos added to them. To publish images or videos associated to a review navigate to Reviews -> Manage Content -> Photos & Videos. 

Any photos or videos attached to a review will appear here. Click the green check to approve media, or red x to reject. To see the review it's assigned to click the image to open it and click the Go to Review button.