Help customers make a purchase decision by answer questions they might have about a product. This article will walk you through moderating and answering questions that you collect.

Publishing Product Questions

Sign in to your SiteVibes account and navigate to Reviews -> Manage Content -> Q&A. Here you will see all of your sites Questions. Questions that are not published currently will show the status as "Pending" in the status column. 

To publish a question, if Auto-publish is not turned on, simply click the green check box. You can also publish the question after it's been answered. 

Answering Product Questions

To answer a product question click into the question from the content column or click the purple edit icon. 

To answer the question:

  1. Click the Answer Question button.
  2. Add your answer and click Create.

Answers left by users in the SiteVibes dashboard can add hyperlinks, bold or italic text to their reply. Answers left from the dashboard will also show the Verified Company Answer badge.