Connect SiteVibes with Listrak to centralize your emails for loyalty and referral marketing. This article will walk you through connecting SiteVibes to Listrak email lists.

1. Setup your Listrak Lists

You may already have many lists within your Listrak list manager. You can create new lists for loyalty and referrals or you can connect either loyalty and referrals to an existing Listrak list. 

Creating a list

  1. Log in to Listrak.
  2. Click Contacts > List Manager
  3. Click New List.
  4. Name your list.
  5. Click Create Learn more from Listrak about creating a new list.

2. Connect SiteVibes to Listrak

Create an Email Integration and connect your client ID and Secrete Key with SiteVibes. 

Creating a integration

1. Click Integrations > Integrations Management

2. Click New Integration.

3. Select Email API > Setup

  1. Create Integration Name (i.e. SiteVibes)
  2. Gran Access Level
    1. List
    2. Contact
    3. Segmentation
    4. Message
  3. Select to enable or disable IP Address Whitelist
  4. Select IP Address Type
  5. Click Save

4. Add Client ID and Client Secret to SiteVibes

  1. Log in to SiteVibes Dashboard
  2. Click Settings > Integrations > Listrak
  3. Scroll to Listrak Email Integration Credentials
    1. Add Client ID
    2. Add Client Secret
  4. Click Update

5. Connect Listrak Lists

  1. From the same Integrations tab in SiteVibes connect your Loyalty List and Referral List
  2. Click Update

SiteVibes is now connected to Listrak and customers from SiteVibes will be added to their respective Listrak lists.