To install the SiteVibes one-click app on BigCommerce, you simply navigate to the BigCommerce app store and install SiteVibes.  SiteVibes will request permission to connect to your BigCommerce store and create a free-trial plan if an account does not already exist.

1. Log into your BigCommerce account

2. From the left menu, click Apps, then browse the marketplace for SiteVibes

3. Once you have found SiteVibes, click Install, through the marketplace

4. Confirm and grant SiteVibes permissions to add appropriate scripts to your store

5. Multi Storefront connections happen automatically. SiteVibes will create subsidiary stores for each Storefront added/created within BigCommerce. These subsidiaries in SiteVibes can have their own settings, loyalty programs, etc. 

6. You are not set up on SiteVibes and can start using it with your customers!